The Wrong Level of Elevator Doom

Because people would send you to gaol for pressing the wrong button if they could.

Perhaps I’m over thinking this one. When I say perhaps, I mean definitely. When I say over thinking, I mean wasting my time.

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That said, I’m rather terrible at instagram. More than usual.

Hope you guys are wonderful, well, and happy.


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  1. "If heaven existed.." you can be an atheist and that's fine, but for real, other people believe in heaven as do other multiple religions so why was that comment necessary? lol like why would anyone want to disbelieve in heaven and try to speak for everyone on behalf of that disbelief because its just a huge fucking downer if you ask me.

  2. Based on a true story

    My mum and I were on a tour around an apartment. We were in the elevator about to go up to our future apartment, then the tour guide pressed the wrong button. Then he pressed another wrong button. Then he pressed another wrong button. Then another. Then another. Then at the end, while we were still on the bottom level, the tour guide gave up, walked out of the elevator. The elevator doors closed behind him. We suffered an hour of going up 32 floors, waiting a few minutes at each (not to mention that the elevator was slow). Because the elevator was the kind that went each floor in the order of when you pressed it, not in numerical order. Then we got to the bottom, and went to a cafe and ate a donut.

  3. Once I pressed the bus stop button at the wrong stop- I yelled out, "Sorry! Wrong stop!" to the bus driver, so he kept going. Then another last pressed the button, and yells out laughing, "Sorry, wrong stop!" I was already embarrassed, but after that it kinda felt like she was making fun of me (she probably wasn't, but it kicked the embarrassment up by 2000%).

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