Sen. Blumenthal discusses Russia investigation on CNN


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  1. CNN, I don't give a flying fuk about this 7 month long Trump/Russia conspiracy marathon. I keep watching because I think maybe you will report on something else like the economy, jobs, NORTH KOREA, Syria, or the middle east but you obviously have Russia conspiracy tunnel vision. CNN you are boring as effing hell. I am done with you.

  2. You know, we might have had a different president if the Democrats would not have stolen the nomination from Bernie Sanders! The Democrats colluded to rob bernie! This whole Russian collusion crap is nothing.

  3. Is the US really in trouble? I'm only 17 I wanna live my life at least till I'm 50, I don't wanna be nuked. Worst thing is I live on the west coast

  4. CNN is a liar and needs to just go away with all this fake news of nothing and quit being a com e coward bitch….. losers is the name everybody will remember. People are nuts

  5. CNN I got the scope trump is Putin's uncle I got all the info get ahold of me only want 100000 for all evidence I have and my Anonymous testimony and don't forget my friends call me cash ;);)

  6. Trump supporters accusing this video of being part of the "propaganda machine" because it's trending with so few views are broadcasting to the world how they love to talk shit without actually knowing anything. You're so confident you know how youtube trending works, without ever even looking up why a video with so few views would be trending. I'm not going to do your homework for you, fucking google "how youtube trending works" before valuing your own empty and ill informed opinion so much.

  7. What happens when you lift heavy business regulations: 1,000,000+ jobs added since Trump took office. MAGA! You Dems keep focusing on the NothingBurger story and who gets to use what bathroom, shit that doesn't put food on my table. Trump 2020!

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