“It’s a game” – Episode 4 Preview: Westworld (HBO)

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  1. haha check out around 47 min. in the fourth episode, when the guy takes the colt of another man. he says "Ouu….upgrade!" takes the new colt but instead of dropping his old one he drops the new one 😀 glitch?

  2. in a world where Robots have such a higher awareness / intelligence and maybe a bet of consciousness . are their lives / existence more important than that of an animal ? morally we usually value the well being of a living thing in proportion to its intelligence once robots exceed that of an animal are they morally more worthwhile to save ?

  3. That show ain't smart as it looks like, has huge flaws ( but I love it anyways ) .
    Ok, picture what I will say that was never explained and it should in Westworld:
    I am a guest, go to the bar, ask a drink. Look to a Host and I want to have fun, so instead of shooting it, I beat the shit out of it, like a lot, smash his face with my fists until it gets totally destroyed. Or if I want to be quicker, just grab a machette and come up from behind and sticks over his head.
    PLOT Twist, it was not a host I killed, but a guest. So, basically, how can a guest know if the other is person is a guest?

  4. The shows tries it's best to make us sympathize with the robots and question ourselfs.
    If you are rooting for the robot, yes, they managed to convince you. Even if Westworld actually existed, that's the main purpose of the robots. Look human, imitate human, pretend that is human. They are programmed to think they are feeling sad, or happy, or angry. They do not actually feel it for real. Just notice how everytime when Bernard talks to them, he can change their emotion in a second. A human being can't do that.
    They are robots in the inside. I would back the side of Humans on this.
    They are robots, they are not alive. They cannot die. They are something, but definitly are not living things. Even the life of a dog would be much more important than any of them, even Dolores.

    Now I ask you, think about it. Robots are logical. It would be logical for them to terminate the human race, because we destroy our own world.
    They would not FEEL mercy at all.

  5. The funny thing is that"WE"are the clones,we are a skeleton covered with flesh and skin,and with the fate of destruction and there is nothing that we can do-how sad is the creation,?it`s like a nightmare that you can`t escape.

  6. The Man in Black is Arnold. He says he was "born in Westworld"and "been there for 30 years". And when he kills Lawerece's wife and says "when you're sufferring you're most real" – totally fits with the pyramid Ford made

  7. Western Worlds and winds wound up and whipped like patrons bound up and whipped 'post Patron' , as they ponder approaching poachers and an "IMPOSSIBLE" posh death in this "NEW. OLD. WEST." ….PURGATORY- By Me

  8. I'm really excited to see epsiode 4. I wonder how much exactly Dolores will be able to remember when she wakes up in the morning with William. Are her memories a deja vu type experience that she just captured because of the attack, or is she able to remember a finite amount of time into the past. ALSO, this video makes it look like she will be on the "maze" storyline that the man in black (Ed Harris) is on. It seems like it's only a matter of time before they meet up. I wonder what their reactions will be, respectively…

  9. just watched West world 1973. All robots loose control and kill the guests, really good movie; very 70's.  Can't really compare to the new version, apples and oranges. Old version has no real AI or self awareness issues, robots malfunction.
    I have a feeling that guests are going to become venerable targets, chase scene, etc. However,, hosts in new version are not "bad guys" per se, in fact, the company running things will be the villain, good hosts and guests will triumph

  10. That earthmover is a Krupp Bagger 288, a 45,500 Ton , 215 meter long monster that costs over $100m to build. So imagine what an operation they have there if they can employ one of those things.

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