Everything Wrong With The Lion King In 13 Minutes Or Less

Yes. Yes we did.

Thursday: Sins of a stupid remake.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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  1. No mention of Scar failing geography?
    If you're facing the sunrise and turn to your right (which Simba does), you'd be facing south, not north (which is where Scar says the Elephant Graveyard is).
    And Scar did eventually decide that he wanted a wife, they just left that part out of the film.

  2. I'm still spectacle about how they know what a rug made of a lion is since they have never been inside a humans house….. or have they da da daaaa . also why would they believe that a month old cub killed a huge lion who was known to be strong?

  3. Scar wanted to be king because HE was the oldest sibling, but Mufasa was given the throne. Scar thought he was entitled to the throne, so that's why he wanted it so bad. For his pride (pun intended)

  4. Scar pretty much did a DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION.

    And then a fucking drought came by and made it look like that's his fault for anyone who does not know anything about statistics.

  5. In the original screenplay and the musical scar tried to score Nala as a wife and attempts to rape her, that is the reason she ran all the way to the oasis. But i guess that isnt appropriate for a childrens movie

  6. Scar can't watch every part of the canyons, if someone was in an angle and he couldent see them he would be caught. So he used the hyenas so that if they caught him, they would think the hyenas killed him

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  8. You send the elephant graveyard when elephants really do go to one space to die that's an actual fact. I'm going to have two sin of my own one the old it's always the uncle, and two why don't any of the lady Lions take down scar even if he is a guy or the king they can easily take hem, down it's like 12 Against One

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