Conor McGregor holds media workout ahead of Mayweather bout

MMA superstar Conor McGregor works out in front of the media ahead of his August 26 boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather. Video by AP


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  1. Conor's a smart man, he's definitely got a game plan. Maybe he wants everybody to see him work out the way he did, just to show everyone an amazing upset. He's definitely got a game plan.

  2. I'm Irish, and the day that woman-beater Mayweather destroys Conor is going to e one of the most embarrassing days in our history. I'll probably stay off the internet that week.

  3. They both should stop the propaganda vids now, if they over-hype it, they'll both loose the potential to keep public interest to gain the money again. black curtain and no more comments from either of them time now please. ssssshhhh.

  4. In spite of all my comments here's what I believe is going to happen August 26, Connor is scheduled to win via the contract, there will be the mandatory rematch clause only on Floyd's end, a rematch only means another pile of money for both, it's the name of the modern game. Floyd is set to win number 2 because he and his team as prime draw cards set the rules for this money making exercise. simple magic. lol rematch means more $'s. duh.

  5. Conner is a great mma fighter, he's got the heart of a lion, the problem only seems to be he's got the brains of a chimpanzee with it, he's fighting a boxer whom even the boxing fraternity have recognized is not really a real boxer, Floyd was great when in his prime until he learned how to become the artful dodger instead of box.

  6. No matter how many times Connor views Floyd's vids, he's still only ever able to see them via his mma eyes. Floyd has viewed Connor too and is comfortable to know as a boxer under his codes rules in the ring that Connor is a baby chicken. it's not fair.

  7. if McGregor was fighting Mayweather in Mayweather's younger Glory Days Connor will not stand a chance but now Mayweather is a lot older and slower with reaction time Mayweather will have a hard time keeping up with McGregor so I believe McGregor will win

  8. He always too close to the darn bag and is loosing 60/70% of the thud available via snapping the blow, he still cant see his poor little elbows cant get loose to deliver da bombs, he just plainly cant get the transfer, he's been training incorrectly for too long, the style is etched in his style unfortunately.

  9. Connor is delusional and has grossly underestimated boxing against a proper trained boxer, he's not trained to snap his strikes, it's obvious just watching him train that he's been just too busy trying to merely punch fellow mugs for the sake of punching etc, he's in for a very big shock if he thinks that awkward timing/stance of his is going to be any use against a marksman who knows how to transfer the full energy unto his strike point. nite nite son!

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