A Song For Christina (an original song)

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Christina was an amazing human being. I was blessed to know her. Our friendship felt more like family. We not only worked together, we shared the same faith. She was a POWERFUL FORCE in the entertainment world. A necessary one. The entire Grimmie family brought truth to this crazy world. She was so much more than an entertainer, she was a conduit of light that went far beyond what we could see. I was in awe of her spirit, her talent and her love for people. Christina, you will be missed. Thank you for lighting up this world.

The last few days have been very difficult to process. Sometimes the only way I know how to deal with events like this is to write music. I’m sad, angry, upset and strangely peaceful all at the same time. I think this will take the remainder of 2016 to let this sad reality sink in. My heart breaks for Bud, Tina and Mark. May God bless the Grimmie Family.

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I’ll tell you a story 
Bout a girl I once knew
Who grew up in Jersey
But to Cali she flew
We lost touch for a moment
Or maybe a year
But always carried her memory
Right between both my ears
She was bright, funny
Always wanted the best
Put a smile in my history
And I said for she left…
There will be time to catch up with you
maybe over coffee, or a quick bite to eat, when you’re 22
So I’ll 
Take a little moment to say I really really miss you
I’ll be really honest you were never one I thought we’d lose
So I’ll
I’ll take another moment to say I really really miss you
Now we really can’t undo the time we could of should of used 
so I’ll tell mom and dad I love them
Cause forever’s not far 
If tomorrow’s not coming
You would ask for advice 
On who you should date
I said ricky might be immature for his age
I remember how hard it was for you to grow up
Everyone had opinions on how you should look
They said cut off your bangs 
And wear shorter skirts
But through the seasons of change
You never forgot what your worth
A heart of a woman 
And faith like a child
I bet heaven is loving you 
I bet you make Jesus smile.


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  1. This song fits goes well for my best friend who was shot and killed a few months ago… i cried so much listening to this. I miss her so much.
    And of course.. we all miss Christina..

    Rest in peace Laura and Christina… two angels within twelve months..

  2. On the day when you uploaded the song for christina my grandmother died and every time I hear this wonderful song I have to think of my grandma and crying my eyes out thank u for this wonderful song tyler
    R.i.p grandma and christina😢💔

  3. What a beautiful and touching song, Tyler! And your voice is just lovely.
    I'm sorry for your loss. It's so hard to lose loved people. But we have an everlasting life in Jesus and we will meet our beloved people again when the time comes.
    I only found out about Christina recently but I loved her singing, her songs, passion and faith. She became inspiration to me too. I was so excited to see that she chose to glorify God in her songs. I could feel the love for Him in her songs and she is now safe and loved in His arms. And we will be one day too.
    I truly believe her talent was God given. And she was like a light in this world. Moreover she continues being such as her songs and way of life have impacted many.
    You were blessed to know her but I believe she was blessed to know you too as you seem a very nice person as well. And her brother, what a courages and lovely man. God bless you and God bless Christina's family too.

  4. All of the songs to her tribute are beautiful, but this… this one just carries something special… Just like she was. Thank you Tyler, for giving me a chance to properly remember her, just as beautiful as she ever was.

  5. this is the first song that made me ever cry, thank you so much.. I never felt this way before and know why I am crying, right now… I don't even know her but I feel like she was my whole life… She is the reason I love music so much… rest in peace Christina… I will always love your smile, your voice, your beautiful hair… I will never forget you…

  6. It's been more than a year, but I still come back to her videos and… appreciate the music, but still cry. Still remember waking up my friend, who also loved her, to tell him what happened. Heartbreaking.

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