5 Dead Celebrities Who May Actually Be Alive!

5 Dead People Rumored to be Alive!


For the most part, the celebrities who die leave the funs with a lot to talk about. This usually includes conspiracy theories that sometimes seek to prove that these people are not actually dead. Sometimes this is usually just out of the pain that one goes through that often does not allow them to accept that their heroes are indeed gone. So within this countdown, we are showing 5 Dead Celebrities Who May Actually Be Alive! Ready? Well… lets begin!

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson came from a family of celebrities. During his lifetime, just like in his death, he was always a controversial musician. If he was not hanging children by their legs over the balcony, he was out there chattering planes for his chimpanzee. However, one thing that brings both his fans and critics together is his music. The man was a real talent. To date, he still remains the King of Pop and that is not about to change. We are not really sure whether he died of natural causes or he was killed. But is he dead? There have been reports of people claiming to have seen MJ in Australia. But whether he died or is still alive, we shall continue to talk about him for a long time to come.

2. Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was no doubt one of the greatest hip hop legends that ever lived. In his lifetime, he always courted controversy and it seems he thrived in such things. His portrayal of himself as a thug throughout his career as a musician seemed to have earned him friends and foe alike. His beef with Biggie is something we still talk about to date. No one really knows why. Tupac’s car pulled up at a red light and Tupac came up through the open sunroof to chat up some girls who were in the adjacent car. Another car pulled up to his right and one man shot him four times. Tupac died six days later in the hospital. However, it is believed that the he is in Cuba enjoying life as we mourn him every anniversary.

3. Princess Diana

Prince Diana was a darling of many across the world. Many people loved her as a person and it came as no surprise when millions turned up to pay their last respects to her during her funeral. It is believed that Princess D died from a road accident in a tunnel in Paris while they were trying to run away from paparazzi. But this is the stuff of cover up. Reports later emerged that the Princess was in fact travelling with her boyfriend and that their driver was apparently high on antidepressants and tranquilizers. He lost control and took Diana’s life in the process. Conspiracy theorists believe that princess Diana is actually alive even though she is bound to a wheelchair. Hmmm…. Who knows…

4. Jim Morrison

As a man that has faced three paternity suits and possible jail time, some believe John Morrison faked his own death. Can you believe that? Literally, almost no friends or family attended his funeral, making everyone believe that he wasn’t really dead . Believe it or not, Jim often spoke about faking his own death in the future and moving to Africa to avoid fame, court hearings, and the eventual need to play reunion concerts at state fairs with REO Speedwagon. So, do you think that he may still be alive? Let us know in the comments below…

5. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley died of a heart attack. That is what we were told and that is what we believe. Most people would remember him from his caricature style of dressing that kept a lot of his fans at the edge of their seats. Towards the end of his life, he had several medical conditions including enlarged colon, glaucoma and several others. Although he is dead conspiracy theorists claim that he is in fact alive and continues to live on. Could this actually be true?

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