Windows 10 Build 15002 – Microsoft Edge, Start, Settings, Personalization + MORE

Build 15002 has some new features worth pointing out in a video. Yay!


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  1. So did I miss something? Is there a reason there is a toggle between the Tiles and the Apps List in this build? Is it that Zach is using a touch based computer? Or is this a change to the start screen in this build? I'm just asking because to me… I don't like it.

  2. the removal of the display preview can be a problem for people who do tech support and those who manage complex display setups–like in large auditoriums and classrooms. Being able to quickly see how the displays are arranged is really helpful. in addition, you can rearrange a display by dragging the icon representation of it to make it right or left.

  3. I can't wait to get home and see if this solves the problem from last build where edge would often crash when the softkeyboard pops up. Also, nice to see new screenshot features, but it wont replace lightshot or sharex for me.

  4. I pulled the trigger and downloaded this preview edition mostly because of the customization options and being able to hit Windows + C to open Cortana which is crazy useful and I think I'm okay with going through the possible glitches I will be experiencing haha if it becomes too much though how do I revert back to the previous build?

  5. I'm most excited for the GDI window drawing fix. This was a widely reported issue in Vista afaik. At the time they said it was not worth fixing. The fact that they now care about details such as this is promising for the future of Windows.

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