Meryl Streep Speech The Golden Globes 2017

title says it all


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  1. What an incredibly elitist speech. Saying that Hollywood is a victim? Trashing MMA and fooball, sports and past-times that the average man connects to? It is this sort of holier than thou behaviour that has given rise to the alt-right all over the world.

  2. I didn't vote trump, but I'm tired of seeing everyone complain and say how they're "scared" for the next for years. shut the fuck up. it's not the end of the fucking world. stop fucking bitching and stop being such a cunt. he won, get the fuck over it. if you think that Trump is going to kill us all somehow and is going to ruin our great country, you're just as bad as the idiots who said that Obama was going to do the same 8 years ago.

  3. Seriously w the hating comments? Hollywood is awarding itself on this tv show. If ur watching for pro Trump comments, or u thought this was not going to happen, especially from someone who spoke at the Convention, u are delusional!

  4. Actors and Actresses have used this platform to make statements and discuss politics for decades. Marlon Brando turned down his award to protest how Native Americans were treated. She has every right to speak her mind. This isn't Nazi Germany.

  5. Why does everyone get so triggered over everybody's opinions? Why can we just mash both sides together and make a system that works… we need to leave the two party system (technically 3) and go for a system like Switzerland which will also mean making smaller states or areas to decide and agree on what is best for the population… But no, one side is always fighting to be on top… smh

  6. do you think these guys buy each others' bullshit?
    oh you think working through supper is hard? how about those of us working over 14 hours a day almost every day for 1/100000th the money?
    at least get your facts right Meryl – speech about nothing but virtue signalling and making yourself feel good.

  7. why are MMA and Football players less in value than Hollywood people…
    everyone is equal … STFU BITCH… WRONG PLACE TO RAISE A ISSUE… bitch must have gone in her merc home… drive a fuckinh mid value car..than talk shit… her dress must be so expensive and talks like a she caress.. stupid fuck..

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