Meryl Streep Slams Donald Trump At Golden Globes | The View


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  1. The view needs to be gone the people on it are not politicians nor are they news people they're comedians and actresses!!! And Meryl Streep had no right to use an entertainment show to tell us about how wrong we all are in our ideas and opinions even if you didn't vote for Trump here is an elitist telling you what you should think feel and do I'm sick of it sick to death of it they are not royalty they are paid by us to do a job do it

  2. Jedediah was 100% on point with this.

    Other than that, the View is a terrible show. Highly overrated. Talentless people discussing topics they know nothing about.

  3. what sickens me is that Obama never said any of the horrible things Trump has done yet somehow you dont hold trump accountable. This is not about choosing sides and to me its about realizing trump is an idiot. He tweets more than a 12 year old teenager. Very sad that America has come to this

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