Bulldog Tries To Get Out Of Exercising

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  1. even though I wouldn't trade jake for any dog in the world because he's my buddy bulldogs have always been my favorite breed…they just don't unfortunately live long on average…that always scared me from wanting to own one.

  2. What do you think it would take to convince all the Chinese to bring millions of Mexicans into their country until the Chinese themselves were a minority, to intermarry with all those Mexicans, and to call anyone racist who refuses to do so? Impossible, you say?
    But this is exactly what is happening to White people in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. It is White genocide.
    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  3. Bulldogs hate walking because they are deformed and it hurts. Deformed by breeders who love creating freaks because they look cool so who cares how they feel. You get weiner dogs with crippled spines, great danes with all sorts of bone issues, smashed face dogs who can't breathe, and on and on and on. It's despicable what breeders have done to these poor animals. And they continue to do it even though shelters are overflowing with homeless animals. SICK!

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