Allegiant Air Could Have Used Some Compassion

This video is meant to spread awareness about how terribly these two ladies were treated in hopes that Allegiant airline will take action to compensate these two ladies that were horribly wronged in their time of grieving. Also, this is to make sure this doesn’t happen again by these flight attendants. I hope Allegiant will somehow repay these ladies for their loss and tell EVERY employee that this kind of behavior is NOT OK! Share this and make it go viral until the problem is resolved and dealt with appropriately. I’ve tried calling Allegiant and they are so busy that the automated machine tells me to call back later and hangs up on me.
UPDATE: The ladies’ father died, their rental car died on the way up to his funeral. Allegiant is opening an investigation. May all the people who witnessed this speak about what they saw and help these poor ladies get justice for what happened to them. Keep them in your hearts.

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