Bill O’Reilly Says Liberals Guilty of “Reverse McCarthyism” | The View


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  1. I love watching the view. I know we all have our different views but some times Jedediah Bila is sometimes really annoying. She seems to be all over the place on many topics that are discussed. Before Donald Trump won she was the main one who supposingly supported certain things regarding him then after all of the crazy issues started coming out regarding hom she started speaking on a completely different view.I wonder if any noticed that.

  2. Since the election many actors have publicly stated that Trump supporters should be shamed, and humiliated, and even shunned by their families. One B- lister said he wish they would die. In that industry it would be career ending to publicly support the President Elect and Goldberg knows it. The two conservative hosts she mentioned are no longer working with the show. Though Ms Hasslebeck's case was more of a murder suicide initiated by O'Donnell.

  3. I'm a hardcore liberal because….well because I have a brain in my head. But these people do themselves no favors by A) talking over anybody with another opinion and B) acting as though something true has ZERO merit. Yeah Hollywood conservatives would probably face a somet of backlash for their views. (I don't even know how you can be an artist and be conservative. Art is about expression, freedom, and accepting every idea. The exact opposite of conservatism.)

  4. If you ever need proof that celebrities don't know what they're talking about all you have to do is listen to Whoopi in this segment. She's told there are people that are afraid to speak out, not even in support of Trump or his policies, but for simply having conservative views, and outright ignores it to continue on her rant. It's no wonder celebrities put videos on Youtube and Vimeo because it allows time for editing and rehearsals. If they're ever asked to speak on the spot they make asses of themselves.

  5. I never thought the following words would ever pass my lips: Bill O'Reilly's right. Although, like racism, it's not "reverse" McCarthyism. It's just McCarthyism. To deny the left's refusal to squash the political correctness police or the "everything-is-white-male's-fault" mentality, is simply to deny reality (more). I say this as a Progressive (one who actually knows what that term means).

  6. McCarthyism is when u accuse someone of something with little to none evidence. Almost like when people say trump supports are rascist or saying they are deplorable. McCarthyism is not when people are injured or killed. Also democrats were pro slavery, if u want to bring up the past

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