Scientists Scramble to Protect Decades of Climate Research Before Trump Takes Office

http://democracynow.org – In just over three weeks, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next president. According to the Sierra Club, Trump will be the only world leader who still denies the science behind climate change. Following his election, Donald Trump has nominated a number of climate change deniers for top posts, including Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, former Texas Governor Rick Perry to head the Energy Department and Congressmember Ryan Zinke to become interior secretary. Now scientists at federal agencies are expressing growing concern that the new administration may attempt to destroy or bury decades of scientific studies on climate change. Senior Trump adviser Bob Walker has already proposed stripping funding of NASA’s climate research, describing it as “politically correct environmental monitoring.” In a scramble to protect existing government climate data, campaigns have been launched to copy and preserve decades of government-sponsored climate research. We speak to Laurie Allen, assistant director for digital scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries and member of the Data Refuge Project, and Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive.

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  1. I think People Should Worry About the Grand Solar Minimum Also The Sun Can show earth Quakes…So I Think it should be against tge Law And Anyone Who Believes In This Should Go back to A Fantasy world where Unicorns Are Real

  2. I'm glad you guys figured it out. Scientist are just fooling us. They love jokes and are very dedicated to their jokes. Spending thousands on college education and dedicating thousands of hours to create bullshit calculations and graphs. NASA employees are in on it too.

  3. nobody with a brain disputes the fact that the climate is changing. it's been fluctuating sense the beginning of earth. what is in question is if it is caused by everyday people just doing everyday things. I personally think the elites of the world are mostly to blame and are not going to change their lifestyle but make life harder for the rest of us. they may even be destroying the earth on purpose to promote a more nefarious agenda. they even try to blame cows flatulence…? while they fly around it private jets dumping fuel exhaust a God knows what else into our atmosphere. anyone who denies this is not only brainless, but blind as well. just look at all the evidence from soy that is in almost all our processed foods that is that is wrecking havoc on our thyroid gland to fluoride in our drinking water and " produced by generic engineering" on every box of food you buy.

  4. If I was a so called scientist and I was offered a few hundred thousand dollars to give research that show made up bullshit facts about climate change. Hell ya I would take the money and provide what ever climate data the money wants.

  5. If climate change is not bullshit l, than the planet is doomed. China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and many many other major polluting country's that have no EPA and don't give a shit about climate change will never stop polluting the earth. The truth is that if climate change is real. It's to late to turn it around and that's by the climate change proponents own research. Second of all, back in late sixties and early seventies it was called the greenhouse effect or nuclear winter. We were told in high schools back then that by 2010 that the water, food, Oil and clean air would run out, witch gave birth to the mad max theory of the future. It was a lie to control people then and it a lie to control and make money money money now. Only uneducated and unintelligent people who know nothing about earths atmosphere will believe anything they are told. All the carbon gasses that are in the earths atmosphere equal less than one percent. At a total of around three percent a life that breaths air dies. But no one knows that as they stoped educating people in science in schools. That's how idiots will believe anything they are told because they don't know anything.

  6. nomatter what they (trumps cabinet) the climate Is Changing , shred and destroy all the data won't change anything physically!
    good grief I wish it were so simple to deney reality, and that all of my failed efforts to be successful and wealthy just because I suddenly decided to deney my blue collar class and below income basic standards! Grrrhis

  7. How ironic it is that the savior of the Alt-Right and the guy who pledged to "Drain the swamp" has so completely sold out his administration to his establishment donors such that he has given them and their familiars direct control. And how sad is it that the Democrat party is like the king with no clothes. It's corruption and ineptitude on full display and yet full of denial that there is a problem.

  8. China are already heading in the right direction, U.S. will be left in the men's room holding it's dick wondering why it is there.
    4 years of Trump could be enough to tip us over the edge, or it may be the wakeup call America needs!
    for all our sakes I hope it's the latter.

  9. Maybe it's not about if your a believer…. if you chose to not believe it was caused by humanity….we are capable of doing bad things. Buffalo.. lucky to still have them. Passenger pigeons extinct.
    Don't fall for the easy way of thinking complacency will be the worst thing to happen to humanity. To all of those who didn't vote because both options sucked…wake up
    At least at a local level.
    Lord help us all wake…. before
    Our children's children.
    Lord let us be the change. I want to be part of the great generation that demands for a better life not just in America.
    I am upset with what the baby boomers have not done…the denial is thickest in our country we continue our consumption…. and feel empty. So empty that we don't voice concerns.
    "complacency is an American disease"

  10. You have officially become a part of the lame stream media….Turncoats!! Ask the question why is every planet in the solar system heating up….a not usually asked question. Why are all the answers to climate change to increase taxes and not address any sane and easily implemented technologies that already exist…..you are a part of the machine….i used to respect you!

  11. Weird! 😮 They have absolutely nothing to worry about. No one would think of erasing valuable studies. – Especially if they prove that Climate Change claims are true. I can see how defective studies that cannot be verified by facts might be removed….But any strange/frantic behavior on the part of these Climate Scientists will make people suspicious. 

  12. What is your evidence that Rex Tillerson ever denied the existence of climate change? There is not a quote in existence that proves that, so wtf are you talking about? Is it because he's in charge of an oil company that you immediately assume he's against climate change? Did it ever possibly occur to you that we do not have substitutes for petroleum fuel? So do you want him to do; destroy a company that provides fuel to which there are no substitutes? What does he have to do to appease you, since your program clearly does not look at his quotes.

  13. lol Protect the data? It's public record. I've got a copy on my PC. Lot's of people do. It's in university libraries all over the world. You can get it from the pirate bay. Does Trump magical powers? Is he a some kind of magical genie?
    This video is nonsensical.

    And this video is also ironic because the NOAA has been falsifying climate data for years, and getting caught repeatedly. UN personnel have been caught repeatedly falsifying climate data and chatting about doing so by email.

    The people in this video lie like psychopaths, because they are. And the people who listen to them are worse than stupid.
    I mean seriously, I don't want to be harsh, but how can anyone put it more kindly and still be accurate.

  14. There were concerns within the Pentagon during the Bush administration that climate science information could not be used in the planning of national security policy. It is likely that they have taken steps to protect existing data from being compromised and not just from the incoming administration. This however would not allow for public access.

  15. good idea to protect research and info gathered from it. it took I believe (from what I think I've read) decades to get the American government to acknowledge climate change and now unfortunately our incoming leader will be (possibly) heading us the other way, if you believe personnel is policy, then based on President-elect Trump's choices in key positions, it looks like these research protectors are definitely right to be proactive and protect research. Of course President-elect Trump may change his mind about climate change, that is possible as well, but it's good to protect science based climate change information, just in case he maintains his current position. Let's remember President Obama wasn't publicly as pro-green as he is now, his public position has evolved over the course of his two terms. The reason I didn't vote for him in 2012 was because, in my opinion, he wasn't prioritizing pro-green policies enough and now look at him, he's moving aggressively to protect some of what he can protect with regards to our country and the environment. It is possible President-elect Trump's position may change too. In fact, that probably will happen if he runs again in 2020. He knows he didn't win the popular vote. I think he'll hit the ground running, trying to be the best President he can be but I don't know if liberals will be too angry to even consider voting for him then. If I'm in this country (I hope to move to Norway (I've been harassed and tortured by anti-terrorist agents in our government for speaking against our initiation of the Iraq War. This has been going on, mostly harassment, the last several years or so torture (via deliberate sleep deprivation) as well as physical assaults (I've been hit twice by two separate vehicles while on my mobility device), so I wish to flee to Norway to request political asylum), but if I am here in 2020 and able to vote, I will reassess President Trump at that time. He may pleasantly surprise us. I am hoping for the best with regards to his presidency. If he doesn't wish to run again in 2020 then he can pretty much do as he wishes (within his limitations as President of course) and at 74 there is a possibility that he may not want to be President. That is possible. We'll just have to wait and see what he thinks of the office and if he wants to be President for eight years. It's a tough job I think but if done well, it can really help our world move to where we need to move. But so far, most leaders aren't willing or able to move us to where I think we need to be: aggressively pursuing, as if our very survival depended upon it, green energy, including nuclear. As our use of oil and coal is destroying our planet's ability to sustain life then obviously we need to be seriously exploring energy alternatives that are more in line with our planet. We are dependent on our planet, our planet is not dependent on us. There's nothing we can do currently to flip that basic relationship so we need to live within the limits we now know our planet has and we need to do it asap. The longer our leaders, and/or us, drag our feet, the harder it will be for future life.

  16. climate change deniers in the comments are fucking mental. the hell is wrong with these people? i cant tell if they are trolls or are genuinely this fucking stupid. im being very serious because if they are for real we have way bigger problems than angry orange as potus.

  17. One of the best things that happens to the US is having a luddite for a President. We deserve having ignorance lead this country. We've been lying and hearing lies for years so why not get a real idiot as a president. No one can know the difference. Maybe there will be a wake up call for the DNC . That is the DNC must stop running political hacks, horrible candidates, candidates who have betrayed freedom in our elections.

  18. It's a hoax guys! Our esteemed Fuhrer says it's a Chinese hoax so it must be. I mean, our fearless Fuhrer Trump never lies or bends the truth so yeah…

  19. Climate Change has been proven a NWO/Globalist/UN sponsored hoax. It never was true though Al Gore, David Suzuki and many others were, for the best of reasons, convinced. It is based on adulterated and falsified data, and was sold by the "false news" main stream media. It is a false scare, and an excuse to extract carbon taxes. There is simply no scientific foundation for it whatsoever. Education should not stop just because you think you've grown up! President Trump has looked into the data critically and deeply, and so should you. Most people are now aware that Climate Change has been debunked, how gullible are you?

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