Global impact of Trump’s tweets, Obama says he would have beaten Trump

President-elect Donald Trump has made Twitter his primary means of communication, and his tweets have global implications. Yochi Dreazen explains how world leaders respond to Trump’s Twitter feed. Looking back at the 2016 presidential election, President Obama told a former adviser that he believes he could have beaten Trump if he had been able to run for a third term. And as Democrats look ahead to the 2020 campaign, retiring Sen. Harry Reid is critical of his party’s new leadership.


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  1. and bla bla bla.
    I wouldn't put it past Obama and his globalist friends to attack America about the 10thJanuary the cause of Martial law to be declared so he could still stay in power. I don't trust him and I voted for the cock sucker twice. I think all the masks have come off of these Globalist assholes in the hell of a lot of us Americans are awake now. just go away Obama just go away. if Trump doesn't get better maybe it'll break it enough to be rebuilt in a better way. love deplorable

  2. Public television has been high jacked. Sesame Street is no longer children safe. They have the gay agenda everywhere now. We need reforms to get rid of this muck taking over our ones safe children public television. Mr Rogers neighbor hood is in need.

  3. You folks are as delusional as Obummer is. There is NO WAY he'd have won a 3rd term, he ran for Hillary and SHE LOST, which means HE LOST.
    He CHEATED, LIED, and WE will find out about the rest of the crimes he's comitted.

  4. when are you going to realize that polls aren't correct…they lean left…way left…..you cannot trust them…they all had hillary killing trump, however we all know how reliable EVERY SINGLE POLL was….hahaha…lmao libtards

  5. if Trump had,run in 2012..we would have had the same votes that we have now..and Trump would have been the victor because thats the way it was,meant to be..everything happens for a reason

  6. Clearly this Eliana Johnson chick is a card carrying Trump supporter. Obama would have mopped up Trump with his hands tied behind his back. Deal with it.

  7. Dira should know that Teresa May became UK prime minister following Brexit, as such she represents a rupture in UK politics comparable with Trump’s win in the US, and so her attack on John Kerry’s speech on Palestine is comparable to Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Russian hacking. We're not watching competent journalism.

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